Welcome to Schufamily.com, the official family website of the Schuster family in Dubuque, IA. While we know a decent amount of information regarding our family history and where, at least in part, our family immigrated from, we are always looking for more information. Any bit of scrap that we come across will be posted within this site for all to see and for proper documentation and storage. Photos, videos, and more will be added as time is available, as it sits I have more video to transfer than I could do in several weeks of work. Until then, I will keep plugging along.

Pictures are another key element that we have plenty of. Thanks to the invention of digital cameras, the newest of photos are quite easily added. However, scanning the old traditional photos in takes a bit longer. Again, I have more than my fair share of photos to start scanning and posting as well. Like I said, this is a site that will be added to over time and not a site that will just appear overnight.

If you should have any information for or about our family that you would like to share, please visit the contact section of the website. We appreciate any help you can give about our history.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of our site.

Brian Schuster

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