I decided earlier this week to switch from DirecTV to Dish Network for a multitude of reasons. It started with the mishap with my billing and ended with them trying to get $199 for another HD DVR. I gave them several chances to keep me, but wouldn’t sweeten the deal for me so I switched and so far am happy I did.

The best part was when the Dish guy came to hook us up. When I told him I need to approve of the dish location he just smiled and said I can tell why. The thing I hadn’t mentioned yet is the horribe placement almost 2 years ago by DirecTV mounted the dish to the opposite side off the roof I asked them to and consequently pointed it directv into the path of 2 of my neighbors trees. This is the reason why our signal is not the best in HD and why we got some pixelation every once in a while. Great job guys, at least the Dish guy had out his compass to check for a clear view spot.

I actually just got off the phone with a DirecTV rep that wanted to know why I canceled my service, after which I explained what happened with my billing and everything. After that he offered a $150 credit and the free HD DVR I had requested. I told him where to shove it.

It just prooves actions really do speak louder than words.


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