We arr back in good ol’ Iowa City for another appointment for Anna’s thumb disaster. She has decent movement in the thumb now and we are here to have the doctor take a peek and give his advice if anything else should be done.

Readon for more.Here we are in the waiting room, awaiting the call to see the doctor.

Carmen coloring

And here we are in the exam room, feeding Audrey and waiting for Dr. Adams.

Anna feeding Audrey in wait room

Then the Resident Doctor came in and did some measuring on the angles Anna could bend her thumb.

Anna with resident doctor

Then, around 5 minutes later, Dr. Adams came in and checked her thumb out. He liked what he saw and gave her the last check she will have on her thumb.

Anna & Dr. Adams

After that, we left the hospital for the last time and headed to the Coral Ridge Mall for a bit. At lunch time, we met up with Anna’s cousins family at Outback. Carmen is curently having fun with Caitlyn while we wait for food.

Carmen playing at Outback


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