We moved from our Bay Lake Tower residence over to the Kidani Vilage at the Animal Kingdon Lodge today and boy was that fun.First off, I am sorry for not updating the blog more often…but a trip to Disney is very busy and tiring. Also, it’s vacation so I get to things when I get to them. However, I have been updating the twitter feed and the gowalla account regularly.

Now lets get to some photos. Please enjoy and read the twitter feed for to series of events. We did leave Epcot early tonight to get the new room setup and Carmen & I went to the pool. Other than that, I will write about more later.

One last thing regarding our dining so far:
T-Rex = 6/10
1900 Park Fare =7.5/10
50’s Prime Time Cafe = 7.5/10
Le Cellier = 6/10

I was most disapointed with Le Cellier, but it could have been a new cook. My wife couldn’t even finish her Prime Rib because it was way too over done even though ordered medium. The Chedder Cheese Soup is not what it used to be either.

Enjoy the pictures.

Bay Lake Tower Magic Kingdom View

Anna @ Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror Lobby

Tower of Terror @ Night

Hollywood Studios Marvel Shop

Bay Lake Tower Master Bath

Bay Lake Tower


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