It took some long hours of driving, but we made it to Disney World before we thought we would. Read on…

First, after getting a late start I decided to play a prank on my brother Jason who is flying down to join us tonight. I told him that my brother Kevins jeep had detached from the RV and was basically in ruin. After toying with him a bit I finally told him what was up.

RV with Jeep
We stopped at several rest areas for breaks, sleep, and for Carmen’s frequent potty breaks. Here are a few pics from the drive here and a fuzzy photo of the Welcome to Florida sign.

Carmen at rest stop

Welcome to Kentucky

Fuzzy Welcome to Florida
When we reached WDW, we checked in at Bay Lake Tower while my parents checked in at Fort Wilderness Campground. Then got a much needed shower and headed to the parks. We got in Pirates and the Haunted Mansion before getting some chicken nuggets at the Columbia Harbor house. Then we left to get our van to head to Downtown Disney for supper. We scavanged a parking spot in the full lots and headed to T-Rex to eat with my parents and Kevin. Here are a few photos.

Self portrait by Splash Mountain

Carmen & Kevin at Hounted Mansion

Mom & Dan at Haunted Mansion

Dinner at T-Rex

More to report on tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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