This mothers day was fun but cold. We went across the way to Murphy Park to enjoy a fun filled mothers day cook out. Unfortunately my mother was not able to attend, but she was having fun camping in Bagely, WI. Read on…

It started as a pleasant May day with some widespread frost in many areas. When I went to uncover the garden from the tarps to keep frost off our freshly planted plants, the sun actually made short sleeves barable. When we finally got to the park however, the sunshine didn’t last long and the sweatshirt went on.

 We had burgers, brats and hot dogs as the main course with a side of chips and baked beans which I heated on my camp stove. After lunch, we used the remainder hot coals to make smores. I got some campfire marshmallows that were ginormouse which made them amazingly hard to eat cleanly.

Claire Smore 1

Claire Smore 2

Steve Grill

Anna & Audrey Mothers Day

Carmen & Watermelon

Brian Mothers Day Self Photo

Claire Smore 3


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