Happy Easter everybody. Just thought I would share our Sunday schedule with you. Started the day with dessing up and heading to church. Here is Carmen & Audrey looking so cute in their dresses.

Carmen & Audrey Easter Dress

We attend St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, here is a pictuer from 10:30 mass.

Easter Sunday Mass 2010
After mass we went to my parents house for lunch and some Easter fun for Carmen & Audrey. Valarie was there and she and Carmen stompped all over the place. The went Easter egg hunting, flew some kites and even rode their bikes together. Here are a few quick pictures.

Carmen, Audrey, Valarie, Anna & Nana

Carmen, Audrey & Valarie
After lunch and some playing around, we headed over to Steve & Claire’s for a 3:00 supper (delayed until 4:00 thankfully) when Carmen and Audrey fell asleep in transit.

Carmen Asleep in Carseat

At Grandpa & Grandma Kluesner’s, Carmen & Audrey had some fun playing while Anna slept, waiting for supper to be ready.

Audrey & Carmen Playing Easter 1

Anna's Easter Nap
Then, around 4:30 we had supper, a good end to a long day.

Easter Supper
And right after, Carmen & Audrey played with some toys together.

Carmen & Audrey Easter Toys


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