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We arr back in good ol’ Iowa City for another appointment for Anna’s thumb disaster. She has decent movement in the thumb now and we are here to have the doctor take a peek and give his advice if anything else should be done. Readon for more.

This mothers day was fun but cold. We went across the way to Murphy Park to enjoy a fun filled mothers day cook out. Unfortunately my mother was not able to attend, but she was having fun camping in Bagely, WI. Read on…

Well, this past Thursday Audreys first tooth officially came in. Today however, she is as uncomfortable as can be. Nightnare city in our house today. Brian

Happy Easter everybody. Just thought I would share our Sunday schedule with you. Started the day with dessing up and heading to church. Here is Carmen & Audrey looking so cute in their dresses.

We headed down to Eichman’s for supper with my parents & Nana. My french dip was pretty good.

Anna went shopping with her mother yesterday and, if you hadn’t guessed already, picked up plenty of clothes for Carmen. Most of which is pajamas since she is too big for her current lot. Carmen loves them all and is trying them on as I type. Brian

We are getting ready to head to Kellie & Rons’ for lunch and so Carmen can play with James. While getting ready, Carmen is playing around with Audrey in the living room…so cute. Brian

Chasm was passed out on the couch in one of his usual positions. How cute is he? Brian

Our garden plants that we started in a mini greenhouse 2 weeks ago are literally growing like a weed. Everyday it seems like it is so much bigger than the day before. We used those planter wafers that are basically compressed soil with other nutrient materials from Menards and they work great. At this rate, […]

Well, Audrey is getting better sitting up by her self. She still topples over, but can sit up by herslef for a little bit at least. Now to work on getting up to sit and crawling. Brian